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I have been coming to the TUG Conferences for 6-7 years now. I have actually retaken several seminars multiple times... I always learn something new, every time I come to TUG. It's a really great experience.

--Brenda Sparks | End User | Joseph J. Henderson & Son, Inc.

TUG has a unique quality, in that it's not too formal or too business. It's where we all get to know each other and we get to learn from each other. 

--David Hardy | Associate Member | Progressive Reports

 TUG inspires me to want to keep learning. I enjoy the people here, as well the vendors.

--Dan Jacobson | End User | Jacobson Companies


Joining TUG was probably the best thing professionally I ever did!

--Jack Hauck | End User | Controller, Red Point Development - Tucson, AZ

I love the comradery, the friendships I have made, it's the knowledge we bring back. It has actually helped us save money because now we can run things more efficiently from everything that we have learned.

--Barbara Morse | End User | Gorman Bros.


 As a first time attendee, it was really great for us because we could fill in those holes in the foundation of our knowledge that's going to allow us to gain exposure and utilize our software to the fullest capacity.


--Kenneth Dean | End User | IT Administrator, S.C. Herman & Associates, Inc. - Washington, DC


Additional End Users

Becky Karel | Sand Companies

Don Bannister | Biltmore Construction

Linda Lutz | Thompson Thift Development, Inc.

Lorie Kane | PMI Iowa LLC

Stephanie Anderson | Acme Constructors

Chuck Williams | Paran Homes

Cindy Comee | Embrey Partners

Terri Sobeck | Controller & Principal, Stevens Construction - Fort Myers, FL

Whitney Mendes | Program Developer & Trainer, Miller Construction Company - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Affiliate Members

Clint Ecord | Winning Technologies, Inc. 

Devon Dorrity | hh2 Cloud Services

Katie Pickard | On Center Software - The Woodlands, TX

Michael Kane | Vice President, ProNovos

Associate Members

Ellen Opalach | CFO on the go

Jennifer Ullmann | Project Resources US, Inc. 

Kathy Gotzenberg | Owner, Construction Business Services - Lawai, HI

Honorary Members

Tom Moore 

Hal Golblatt

Conference Attendees

Ellis Kelling | Integra Consulting Services

Karina Dodge | Moraca Builders

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