Frequently Asked Questions

How do you add or delete employees on your company’s TUG master account?

To add a employee user account, you must be logged in to your company's master account, which was set-up when your company account was created. If you are not sure who holds the master account, or if you need to change this, please contact the TUG office.

  1. Log in to your master account on via the “Sign in” link.
  2. Click "Manage Profile” under the “MY PROFILE” menu.
  3. Click on "Employees” in the Information and Settings section of this page.
  4. Invite employees to complete their own registration which will automatically be placed under the master account by either sending them the employee direct link or entering their email and clicking “send invite.”

Who is eligible for TUG membership?

Membership in TUG is open to any qualified person or business of good credit and reputable and responsible background.

What are the membership types and cost of each?

End-User Membership Open to any person or business which primarily uses Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage Estimating and/or Sage 100 Contractor products for their business. $395 annually
Associate Membership

Open to any Business Partners, Consultants and Trainers which:
(a) Primarily sells or supports Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage Estimating, and Sage 100 Contractor products.
(b) Supports construction and real estate companies with services such as report designing and accounting.

$395 annually
Affiliate Membership Open to any person or business who sells products or services of interest to the members of the organization.  $600 annually
Student/Educator Membership Open to any student or faculty member of a qualified educational institution. $249 annually


How many employees can participate in the TUG membership?

Each company membership is allowed an unlimited number of user accounts on TUGWeb at no additional cost.

What is the difference between the company master account and employee user accounts?

The company master account is the company membership. This is where you will make changes to the company profile, pay invoices, and add/delete employees.

Each employee should have their own employee user account, including the one whose email is used for the company master account. Once you have a created a employee user account you can register for our monthly webinars, National Conference and Regional Workshop, and post/review questions in TUG Talk.

It is also important to have employee user accounts because not all communications are sent to the email address on the company master account. The TUG Pulse and other promotional emails are sent to the employee user accounts.

How do I join TUG?

You can join online via our secure website or contact the TUG office at (866) 846-0999.

How do I reset the password for my TUG member login?

If you do not know your password when signing in, you can click here and an email will be sent to you to reset it. Or you can contact the TUG office by email or calling (866) 846-0999.

How do I renew my membership?

  • To renew your membership online, you must first be logged into your company’s Master account. Once you are logged in, go to Manage Profile > Invoices > Pay Selected Invoices.
  • You may also make a payment over the phone by calling the TUG office at (866) 846-0999 or email.
  • You may also send a check made payable to TUG, The Users Group, Inc. to the following address:

    TUG, The Users Group, Inc.
    3525 Piedmont Rd NE
    Building 5, Suite 300
    Atlanta, GA 30305

How do I request a membership invoice or receipt for my TUG membership?

You may request a membership invoice or receipt by contacting the TUG office by email or (866) 846-0999.

How do I request a W-9 to pay for the membership?

Please contact us by email to obtain a copy of our current W-9.

If my company’s billing contact or account administrator leaves the company, does the membership transfer with them?

No, the membership stays with the company. If your billing contact or account administrator leaves the company, a new contact or administrator can be assigned. Please contact us by email or call (866) 846-0999 for assistance.

Where can I post questions for other Sage software users?

Members can post questions to other users on our TUG Talk Online Forum. This is a forum where your inquiries are viewed and can be addressed by other TUG Members who might have experienced the same problem or had the same question. The solution and advice provided to you by other members may result in an expeditious solution – possibly minimizing any downtime. (log-in is required to view this page)

How do I find contact information for other TUG members?

You can search for other TUG members through our Member Search feature. Registered members will also be able to view your contact information unless you have set the visibility selector to Private in your Member Profile. (log-in in required to view this page)

How do I become a TUG advertiser, sponsor or exhibitor?

For more information on advertising, sponsorship and/or exhibitor opportunities, please contact us by email.

How can I connect with TUG on social media?

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