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The Future of Employee Payroll Communication...

Paperless Pay Corporation has created the most cost-effective alternative to printing and distributing deposit payroll with™. There is no new software to buy, application to install or any complicated technology to master. my-™ harnesses the power of technology and works with your existing payroll process!

Whether your employees are in the office next door or halfway around the world, with™ and our custom

ePayAdvice™ Solution, pay stubs will never arrive late or get lost in the mail again. With™ your company will eliminate wasted hours spent manually processing payroll. Our enhanced delivery technology gives you the capability to provide your employees with multitude, secure delivery options - all while saving your company significant operational expense dollars.

The Solution

  • Convert payroll advice to electronic ePayAdvices™.
  • Login through our Employee Portal to access pay stubs, W2s and T4s online.
  • Send email and text message notifications to employees.
  • Post eNews and electronic employee notices online.
  • Upload your payroll data remotely through™
  • Interfaces with all SAGE platforms

For more information, call us at (904) 781-5548, extension 202 or visit us at



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