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Advertising Opportunities 


Advertising with TUG is an exclusive benefit for TUG Users in good standing with TUG.  The advertisement may only be related to products that integrate with Sage software and/or do not compete with them.

For more information about these opportunities, please contact Charlotte Boyd at or 404-477-5142.

TUG Pulse

 Size    Dimensions    Rate
 Full Page    7.5" W x 10" H    $700 per month
 1/2 Page    7.5" W x 4.875" H    $350 per month
 1/4 Page    3.625" W x 4.875" H    $175 per month


TUG Pulse Advertising Specifications

Banner Ad - Coming Soon!

Sponsored Webinar

50-minute webinar to demonstrate your product/service - $250


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