Member Referrals
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Any member who has been a member of TUG for at least one year is eligible to earn incentives for referring new members (defined as one that has not been a member of TUG in the last three years) or first time attendees to a TUG Conference. New member or conference attendee must enter current member's name in the appropriate field upon joining TUG and/or registering for the conference.


End-User and Honorary Members
:  For each new member referred, End-User and Honorary members will receive 90 TUG Bucs (initial membership only). TUG Bucs can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards or towards TUG membership. For more information on the TUG Bucs program, please click here.

Associate, Affiliate, and College Members:  For each new member referred, Associate, Affiliate and College members will receive $25 off their own membership renewal rate.  Recurring membership – for each year that a referred member renews their TUG membership, Associate, Affiliate, and College Members will receive $10 off their own TUG membership renewal rate.


End-User, Honorary, and College Members:  For each first time conference attendee referral, End-User, Honorary, and College members will receive a $25 gift card. You must be a registered attendee to receive credit for your referrals.  As an added incentive, the individual who has the most first time conference attendee referrals will receive a $100 AMEX gift card.

Associate and Affiliate Members:  For each first time conference attendee referral, Associate and Affiliate Members get $25 off their booth price or conference sponsorship. Refunds will be processed after the conference.

Happy Recruiting!

Please note: this program is subject to change


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